Invest in a Camper Shell for your Truck

Camper Shells have been around for quite some time now, but are more popular than ever. The variety of camper shell options available has grown along with the demand and needs for the creative uses that have popped up over time. Depending on your primary use for your camper shell, you can really customize your truck bed space to the fullest.

The most loved camper shells are durable and range in a number of sizes and specifications to suit many trucks. A.R.E. is famous for their camper shells also known as truck caps as they cater to many truck brands.

Many of the uses for a camper shell range from utility purposes to actual camping. The camper shell offers automatic storage and housing to maximize the truck bed as a cargo space or a camping space, which could be decked out with a number of cargo management options to suit your needs.

Often times those investing in a camper shell, will also install some form of truck bed protection to prevent against scratches, deterioration, or damages which is well worth considering. BedRug makes plush liner for your truck bed that offers comfort while also providing protection.

Whether you plan to camp in your truck or to use it for work, another reason to invest in a camper shell is due to the security it offers. If you’ve got tool boxes, shelving, decked storage, outlets, pet safety areas set-up, the camper shell will keep that extra barrier of safety to your valuables.

Once you’ve got your truck equipped with the camper shell basics you can start thinking about all the nifty solutions to accessorize depending what your use. Nonetheless, the camper shell is an affordable solution to a lot of truck requirements. Think inside the box… or the camper shell in this case!

We believe as proven, that the camper shell can serve a wide variety of needs. If you are looking into a camper shell and need some ideas, we here at G & W Truck Accessories have over 20 years in the industry and would love to guide you to the perfect solution.